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I have sweet gift cards with wax sealed envelopes if you’re wanting to give the gift of stabbin for Xmas! I will be emailing everyone within the next week to get rdy for booking next year! I will be having an option to schedule an in person consult for all those just wanting to stop by the shop! Space for in person will be limited so when it is filled it is filled. Everyone else will have to zoom. Limited parking just means lots of organization :/ So be watching those emails:) See u all soon!

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Hey everyone!! This year has been going by crazy fast! My books have filled fast for this year so I will not be taking on any new clients until next year! You can always fill out a contact form and yo


With all the interest and arm issues I have been having I emailed the people I could today on the list. That said if I haven’t msgd u in any way. Ill be contacting you in December to start next year.


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